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Terms and Conditions

Enjoy real benefits and rewards on your accrue incomes.

Terms and Conditions

Rules                                                                      Version 1.5

-Services and Terms-


§1. Introduction


Globaldailypro is an advertising network where the user is free to decide to run their own business.  The user is not obligated to pay anything or to recruit people or companies.


1:1 Goal


Globaldailypro is a modern network which provides space for people and companies to appear throughout the world in the form of their own advertising.  Globaldailypro shares some of the profits to the user if they are active and follow the marketing plan without deviations.

By "active" it is meant that the user holds shares in the form of advertising packs or "Golden Points".


1:2 Globaldailypro


The site administrator is GlobalDailyPro LLC

Address: P.O. Box 7800, Fujairah - UAE


§2. General provisions

The user activity in the network is the most important thing for Globaldailypro.  The user is free to join the network and look at the ads without paying any amount their self. The users decide when they want to become "active" for profit or to shape their own business.


2:1 Services

In the portal, the user is offered to a line of online products and services.  Globaldailypro does not take responsibility for whether the user would start advertising a company that prohibits anyone other than themselves from using their name or other information from their website or ad. 

Users are free to create their own business and collaboration with various companies.  Users are free to form their own team.  Users are free to pay the amount they want.  Users decide for themselves when and if they want to become an "active" member.


2.2 Scope of services


Globaldailypro is a company that runs a Portal dedicated to creating contacts and relationships with people and companies.  It stores and shares files with their users and other people around the world.

As part of the portal, Globaldailypro gives the user the opportunity to create their own business, especially with available services such as:


1. Sales of services and products.

2. Online education.

3. System for partner acquisition.

4. Advertising.

5. Activity bonus system.

6. GDP Auction house.


Globaldailypro assumes that each user follows and has read all the terms and conditions stated in the regulations.  If something is unclear or users feel that something is missing in the regulations, they are welcome to contact us at info@globaldailypro.net  

We show definitions of the most important.


2:3 Definitions

Password - Unique sequence of characters created by users and ensures access to their account.
Login - User Name, which is used for your identification along with the password required to make an authorization when accessing the portal.
The user account - A collection of resources and rights within the portal that is assigned to the user, which contains information necessary for their authorization and enables the use of the services and business.
Promotional packages, Shares,  Advertising Packages, Ad Notices,- Information describing a person or a company's business.
Marketing plan
- Documents that specify how to build their own business and services promised by the supplier Globaldailypro.
Portal - The platform, website that exists and belongs to the domain address www.globaldailypro.net and other places where the service provider runs the portal.  It is an internet platform that is Globaldailypro's property, and consists of several elements suitable for the user.
Registration - Activity performed within the portal, which means that you create a user account using login and passwords and other fields that are requested when registering.
Revenue share (rev share) - Program sharing revenue from advertisements with advertisers operating within the Globaldailypro program.
Computerized System - A set of computer devices and software that work together to secure and store data that the user orders.
Content - All services and materials shared in the portal.
User - A natural person, a legal entity or organization that is not connected to one another  who, by law, is in the country in which Globaldailypro is located to conduct business. And that according to the country, it allows the business of conducting such activities as Globaldailypro offers.


2:4 Business model


Globaldailypro is based on a free operation (without any user costs) within the network with the opportunity to use the Multi-Level Marketing System when creating your own business, therefore the user recognizes that:


1.  It is not necessary to invite new people into the system and still have the opportunity to acquire profit.

2.  The user should not feel any pressure to pay his/her money to Globaldailypro if it wants to purchase products and services offered by the company.

3.  The user confirms with each purchase the value of the purchased service or product.

4.  Together with purchased product or service from Globaldailypro, the user also gets the right to participate in part of Globaldailypro's profit.  This makes the user an  "active" member.

5.  All information and presentation materials are available free of charge after login by the user or on globaldailypro.info site.

6.  The profit model presented in the portal is intended for B2B and users must also have such status if it is required in the country where they live.

7.  If the user has in any way not fulfilled the requirements of rules for his country in connection with the purchase of products and services within Globaldailypro, Globaldailypro has the right to revoke the agreement.


§3 Registration and agreement


Connection to Globaldailypro is for adult persons only.  

It is up to the user to make the right decision to join our community.


3:1 Users


A natural person, legal entity or other organizational entity with legal capacity may enter into an agreement with Globaldailypro and now be called a user. The age of the user shall be defined by the legislation of a particular country, from which the user is a citizen.  Persons not of age can become user if they have the consent of a guardian.  In case of doubt, Globaldailypro may request documents to prove the person's status as an adult.

The agreement as a "user" is, for the time being, without limited time. The user can stop using the portal at any time, but Globaldailypro cannot delete any users account even if the user request it.

If the user choose to stop using the portal, he cant neither get what he put in nor what he have received in commission. The only way to get back everything the user have put in and the commission is that the user are active until he have earned all, or the desired amount and withdraw it and no longer use the portal.


3:2 Agreement


By registering in the portal and being verified through approved documents, the user concludes an agreement with Globaldailypro for the provision of services electronically and confirms that they have read the Acting Rules that apply to the use of the portal and in particular:


1. Scope of services.

2. Marketing Plans.

3. Business presentations.

4. No coercion of recruiting new people.

5. Resumption conditions.

6. That it is not an investment portal.


3:3 Registration field


The registration is only performed online and must contain information about the user. Special information is:


1. Company name (if it is business).

2. First name.

3. Last Name.

4. Email address.

5. Date of Birth.

6. Username.

7. Password.

8. Gender.
9. Full Address.

10. Reflink that each user receives.

All user information is processed and protected under the GDPR Act.



3:4 The registration procedure


The user is required to complete all required fields completely and correctly and confirm activation of his/her account.

The user must, as soon as possible verify his account through KYC. Before the verification is done, the user does not have the opportunity to withdraw any money from his account, can not buy any advertising packages, do an auction
or create so-called internal codes.

In connection with the registration, the user automatically approves that:

1. They have read the terms of use of the portal.

2. They have read the terms for processing personal data.

3. The user has been informed of the basic application of the profit model that B2B requires and, therefore, have such a status unless otherwise stipulated in the law of the country in which they live and in which they are registered.

4. If the user miss something in the rules, they have no opportunity for compensation or the right to withdraw and get their deposited funds back.

5. On their own, the user finds out what rules apply to such profit models that Globaldailypro offers in the country where they live or are located.

6. The user will follow tax rules on their own which are applied in the country they are registered in and record the profit on their own in the declaration.


3:5 The duration of the contract


Agreements are concluded for an unlimited period.  The user can terminate the agreement at any time by stopping using the portal.  The user may require that all information about them be removed from the system by submitting a request via e-mail to Globaldailypro support, but the company has the right to retain certain information necessary for usable identification if any authority so requests.


3:6 Deaths


The agreement ends immediately at the user's death.  The right to inherit the account exists until 60 days after the user's death. The conditions for getting into the user's account are that Globaldailypro gets the correct documents about the user's death.  It is Globaldailypro who decides whether the action is probably crucial for inheriting an account.  In the case of an authorization to inherit an account, a legal or natural person must be entered as the owner and user of the account. You can not only claim profit and funds from this account. Only the whole account. Only a close family member can inherit the account but may not have an account with Globaldailypro already. In case of inherits, Globaldailypro will take 10% name transfer fee and 10% fee from the whole account.


3:7 Termination of the Agreement


Globaldailypro reserves the right to extraordinary termination of the contract for insignificant reasons or, in particular, due to breach of rules in the terms.  The agreement can be terminated immediately with an email notification.  In the event of such termination, the user does not have the right to any claims for compensation of purchased products or services.  Globaldailypro may, in certain cases, allow the user to terminate his account within a reasonable time upon termination.  In the event of a breach of rules in the terms, Globaldailypro do not need to justify the termination.


3:8 Account Activity


Each account registered in the portal must be used actively and at least once every 3 months the user must log into their account.  If the user does not log in to his account for 3 months (90 days) Globaldailypro is entitled to terminate the user's account without replacing funds or services purchased on the account.



3:9 Sponsor change


1. The user can change the inviting user whose reflink was used at registration.

2. To change to another reflink, the user must contact support.

3. After 6 months after settlement, the account disappears from the system and the user can create a new account indicating a reflink that is different from the original reflink.

4. If the user registers a new account before the expiry of the deadline specified in point 3 or that he registers it from the original reflink, it will be blocked according to paragraph 3: 7.

5. When an account is settled, funds or members never follow a new account.


3:10 Internal messaging system


GlobalDailyPro provides its own internal messaging system for all users.

This system can be used to send messages between each other at no cost or other connections.

Important to note is that all messages sent in the system can be viewed by admin. This is only to be able to detect that spam is not included in these messages.



                                              § 4. The user's obligations


4:1 Use the platform for their intended purpose


Each user shall use the platform in accordance with its intended purpose, applicable legal and moral standards, and the provisions of this Regulation.  Each user is obliged to notify Globaldailypro of any marked errors or gaps in the system.  Utilizing errors and gaps in the system to achieve some kind of benefit is incompatible with the regulation and constitute a clear violation of the law.  If the company decides that the user has used an error or gap for their gain, the user must bear the negative legal consequences of their conduct.

Globaldailypro has the right, in such a situation, to apply all measures (sanctions) provided for in the regulation, including removing the user from the platform without compensation.

The user is required to protect their personal passwords and logins against third party access.  If the user's personal information changes, they can change/update them in their personal management panel. Globaldailypro´s support will NEVER ask for password from any user.


You can use the portal Globaldailypro only in connection with the regulations. If you create your own business, you must be able to comply with all the provisions of the regulations and as well as legal regulations.


4:2 Forbidden or unfair advertising


Globaldailypro establishes a prohibition on spreading unwanted advertising messages via e-mail, fax or other text and moving messages (spam).  The distribution of prohibited or false advertising is prohibited and may result in the user being disconnected from the portal.  The user must not give false, misleading information that leads to potential new users entering the system through incorrect information that gives the user a benefit.


When the user creates a business, the user becomes "distributor" and only work according to the terms and conditions.  The user gets a high status and should take responsibility for his actions.  Globaldailypro gives the user the opportunity to grow, but the user must take care of the opportunity and act according to all regulations and laws.


4:3 Distribution partner status


The user, by creating his own business, acts as a distribution partner. This is not an employee, contractor or sales representative. Therefore, there are no lines regarding sales or debts to provide services to make profit. The user is not instructed to any particular place, business or scope of his business. The user conducts his business himself in his own name and must comply with all legal regulations including tax provisions in order to obtain potential right to conduct his business in order with all the laws of the country in which he is living in.



4:4 Privacy clause


The user shall maintain absolute confidentiality regarding confidential business information and structures from Globaldailypro.  Company information includes names and information about your customers (downline) as well as all the company's customers.  The confidentiality clause also applies after termination of the agreement.


4:5 Media requests


The user must not respond to inquiry requests regarding Globaldailypro, its products, marketing plan or services.  The user must immediately transmit all requests to Globaldailypro or at least get approval to respond.


4:6 Account Rights

User may not share his account with other persons, transfer or share rights to the account or perform other forms of sharing of part or entire account.



                                                             § 5 Use of portal


Globaldailypro does not require any payments from the users into the system.  You can work in the portal as a user or distributor partner.  In both cases, no payments need to be made. Your development is dependent on you, your business and potential, additional free finance surveillance.


5:1 General provisions


The user shall use the portal in a manner consistent with its intended purpose and not interfere with its functions.  They shall use specific equipment that complies with applicable laws and regulations.  The user may not distribute and transmit via the portal in particular:


1. Content that is prohibited by law, in particular content that is offensive, vulgar, encouraging to violence or other illegal acts contrary to law or good practice.  This includes violating personal assets and third party rights that are racist or directly discriminatory.

2. Personal data from third parties, their telephone numbers and address details and e-mail.

3. Unwanted commercial communication and all other types of spam.



5:2 Account Packages


Everyone become an active user when they buy $10 Gold Rush. The system does not require in that case the user to buy any advertising packages. If the user chooses instead to buy advertising packages, ( at least $50) the system requires that he also have the right Gold Rush to the required Faz level that is presented in the Marketing plan.


The value of a package is $5, $50 and $100 that the user can buy for his business. The user must also have subscriptions purchased for different Faz in the system. 

The increase of the account is possible by purchasing more packages.  The user is not required to increase any number of packages. They can continue to be a member for free and get a profit through YouTube movies. 


Each $50 package gives the user 100 views of his own advertising in the system and each $100 package gives the user 20 Proviews of his own advertising but outside the system.

The $5 package is only used for Advertising Lotto and gives the user 20 views of his own advertising in the system but the user will not get any daily commission on those for looking at the daily advertising that is required on $50 and $100 packages.


Other offers from Globaldailypro are:

$10 Golden Point Pack.
$50 Golden Point Pack.

$100 Golden Point Pack.

3 kind of business advertising Pack.


5:3 File Management


Globaldailypro provides service based on the possibility for the user to store files in their account, which other people can also see and use.  By uploading a file or advertisement, the user assumes full responsibility under all laws not to share files or ads that have copyright or other illegal material.  Downloading of material belonging to another user must be done with agreement between the two parties. Globaldailypro is not a party to any such agreement and has no liability to any party, other or third party


5:4 Naming


Each user who uploads content should name these host files and give them a description that is consistent with the contents of the files.


5:5 Visibility of files and their use


The user can use content, files from other users by downloading and saving them on their own data storage devices as well as playback for private purposes.  Downloaded files should only be visible to the user who has downloaded it.


5:6 Violation of file sharing system


Unauthorized and irresponsible attempts to bypass the file-sharing system by the user or re-uploading files covered by this system may result in liability for violations of these regulations as well as penalties or civil actions against the user for illegal distribution of files.  In this case, Globaldailypro has the right to remove the user and his account.


5:7 The user's responsibility to communicate offensive content


The user must immediately notify the company of any offensive or other illegal material in files shared on the Globaldailypro portal.  If the user feels that any comment, content is in violation of law or practice, it must immediately be notified to the supplier at info@globaldailypro.net


5:8 Unauthorized actions


It is forbidden to overload the server used by Globaldailypro and its portal through unauthorized traffic in the form of help apps or other aids that do not come directly from the company.  Attempts at artificial possession of posts and files for profit from profitability in own operations are also prohibited.  The use of robotic apps not supported by the supplier is regarded as a violation and results in immediate shutdown.


5:9 Responsibility for uploading


The user is entirely responsible for everything he uploads and all comments and material.


                                                             §6 Profit model


Globaldailypro does not require anyone to create business (their own business), it is an alternative.


6:1 Additional features


The main purpose of the Globaldailypro website is for the user to make it possible to appear outside in the world as a person or company and to be able to connect with companies and other communities.  A secondary purpose is helping companies reach higher ranking on the internet.  The developed profit model is an extra feature and is not necessary to use it on the site.  It only provides an opportunity to create their own business.

Globaldailypro guarantees no fixed profit.  The company distributes funds and acquires profits mainly from:


1. Financial profit from cooperation from leasing companies.

2. Sales of own products.

3. Financial funds from advertisers acquired by users.

4. Financial funds from the Trading model.

5. Financial funds from partners.

6. Financial funds from Youtube channels.

7. Other sources.


The user gets a profit if Globaldailypro receives profit from the above parties.

The user accepts, approves and is aware that it is not a fixed profit but can be affected by the market or partners.  By joining the profit model, the user accepts the risk that may arise from the above.

The marketing plan contains principles for the profit model.  Read through these before you begin.


6:2 Market plan


Globaldailypro's marketing plan, with all content included in it, forms an integral part of this agreement.  Indicated document contains the main principles for earning profits in the business described by Globaldailypro.  At the same time, the company reminds all parties that it does not require users to encourage new people to the system.
Users need to be sure to always have the newest version of the marketing plan which appears on globaldailypro.info site.


6:3 The profit-sharing


Active user receives profit by being active with 10 clicks on optional advertisements in the portal or that the user buys the correct Gold Rush in the system along with the right subscription to follow the correct Faz.

These must be done before a stop time displayed in the portal. In case of no activity, the system stops and the user does not take part of the profit sharing from Globaldailypro. 
The profit sharing starts again when you have been approved with 10 advertising clicks before the stop time mentioned above.


A.     You receive a bonus on your members you have brought into the system.  All bonuses are described in the Marketing Plan.  In the event of missing activity from the user which causes the system to stop, no commissions will be received from members


B.       Gold Rush Bonus rewards according to the Marketing Plan.






6:4 Advertising Sales Commission


A user may receive commission from each recruited customer (advertiser) in the portal according to Marketing Plan.


6:5 Gold Rush (Matrix)


Gold Rush is a reward system within the portal based on the sale of Golden Points sold in that users network. User earns 7% on al sales.

Globaldailypro offers 7 kind of Gold Rush packages to choose between. Each package with its own benefit presented in the Marketing plan.


Every user receives the same amount of Golden Points that he buys the Gold Rush for

1 Golden Point = 1 GD (Dollars)


$ 10 Gold Rush gives the user 10 Golden Points.

$ 25 Gold Rush gives the user 25 Golden Points.

$ 50 Gold Rush gives the user 50 Golden Points.

$ 150 Gold Rush gives the user 150 Golden Points.

$ 400 Gold Rush gives the user 400 Golden Points.

$1000 Gold Rush gives the user 1000 Golden Points.

$ 2500 Gold Rush gives the user 2500 Golden Points.



6:6 Subscriptions


All users must purchase subscriptions to all FAZ.  Profit distribution is only based on which FAZ you have bought and if you have paid for Gold Rush.


6:7 Special offers and prices


Globaldailypro can on special occasions offer special prices in order to increase the use of the portal.  In the event of obvious tampering with the necessary sales or scoring guidelines required to qualify for any special offer or prize, Globaldailypro reserves the right to fully exclude the user from these particular promotions or bonuses.


6:8 Active user by:


In order to become an active user, the user must pay for a specific product package using payment methods provided by Globaldailypro. When not using the services or the products after the purchase, it does not require Globaldailypro to repay the fee.


6:9 Sales structure


An active user is authorized to acquire other users for Globaldailypro products and services.  For this service, the user who acquired these persons gets a profit percentage in the form of commission for turnover and created team.  This then becomes the sponsor of the new user.  As a sponsor, it is the user's responsibility to help the new person understand everything about the rules and structures surrounding Globaldailypro's business concept.


6:10 Administrative panel


Active users, by purchasing a special product package receive, among other things, fully functional and equipped administrative panel which enables them to see the current turnover commission and certain sales history from other users.


6:11 Delivery of products


Delivery of items that do not belong to the service provider, such as items won at auction or other that can be acquired between members within the system and that belong to the users, is not the responsibility of Globaldailypro for the correct delivery to the right person.

Globaldailypro is only responsible for ensuring that the delivery of the system that its members use is correct and useful and that rules are followed as the system requires.


Should a won item or other items acquired by members between disappear, be damaged or be wrong for some unknown reason, no user can complain to the service provider for the damage that has occurred.


In Case of a buyer and seller can´t agree, they can apply to GlobalDailyPro for help with a settlement by sending support ticket. GlobalDailyPro support will investigate the case from both sides and make a decision.


GDP can only close another member's account after a complaint that he has not fully completed a delivery. This is done only after the accused member is allowed to explain himself.


6:12 Partners acquisition (new people)


Globaldailypro explains and the user confirms and accepts that the acquisition of new users within their created business is not necessary to obtain revenue.  Any potential information about the ways of gaining profits if recognizing the benefits of inviting new people cannot be interpreted as a necessary form of function in the system.  In particular, the wording "all you need is to bring in one / next person" does not mean that it is necessary within the Globaldailypro income model.  The acquisition of new users is intended for the breadth of Globaldailypro and its business structure, but the availability of the service makes it possible to use the portal without these measures. A user who has effectively invited (acquired) another person to the Globaldailypro portal acquires this for their own distribution structure.


6:13 Partners business ( Branch office)

The operations as “Partners” in Globaldailypro are carried out on their own account and the risk and use of the portal is voluntary. All decisions and information that partners take from the user who acquired them are done well with their sponsor, which Globaldailypro does not have an impact on. In particular, partners cannot act on behalf of or for Globaldailypro. All rules are the same for all users.


6:14 Conduct business activity

Implementation of business activity shall only be made according to all terms and conditions that Globaldailypro presents in the terms and marketing plan. Globaldailypro is not responsible to the user or third party for omissions or actions by partners that leads to observing or violating binding regulations. Globaldailypro does not provide any consulting services to users, especially within the framework of legal, financial assistance or tax consultant. All users are required to pay any taxes on their own.


6:15 Using Globaldailypro Brand


A user or partner is entitled to use the company name, logo, photographs, prints, information from Globaldailypro. Such use is approved only after the consent of Globaldailypro and only in accordance with the provisions below.


1. If a user in any way uses the Globaldailypro brand in different forms, it must always be added "in cooperation with" or "Independent partner of Globaldailypro"

2. If a user uses the name Globaldailypro in any domain, the company may require the transfer of rights to the domain.


In case of violations that are considered gross, Globaldailypro reserves the right to delete items and delete the user.


6:16 Cooperation with other entities


It is not prohibited to be part of any other MLM unless it affects the collaboration with Globaldailypro. It is not allowed to post other similar pages in internal advertising and nor to encourage the business concept of others on the Globaldailypro portal or groups created on various social media by Globaldailypro besides these there is cooperation between.


6:17 Golden Points


Golden points can be used by the user in Globaldailypro´s  webshop and auction and other things that Globaldailypro announces with the Golden Points. These points cannot be exchanged for currency or anything other than what is stated. Golden points are also available to be purchased for non-active members who want to use these for auction or other items that Globaldailypro offers.


Globaldailypro has 3 different packages with Golden Points to offer and these are presented in the Marketing Plan.

1GD = 1 Golden Point


6:18 My wallet


In order to get the benefit from downline, user must have a certain amount of money in his account. All charts are presented in the Marketing Plan at globaldailypro.info. The user has to follow the marketing plan's chart for profit at different levels. The right amount is the right dividend. The sum that the user has deposit for this profit model is not locked and the user has the right to withdraw parts or even the entire amount at any time. However, the user is aware that withdrawing the sum automatically reduces the commissions in these different 7 levels.





6:19 Downline commission


How much commission every user gets from their customers depends entirely on the number of customers, but also what steps user have taken in the company's Faz system in combination with how his wallet balance looks and other qualifications that Globaldailypro requires according to the Market Plan.

Every member can follow the Faz qualification in Globaldailys portal in left side menu (Faz status).


6:20 Wallet balance


If the user wants to receive a profit above 250 adpacks, GlobalDailyPro requires a balance of $ 400 in the users account. These funds are not locked and the user has the right to withdraw them at any time. However, should the user withdraw these or end up under $ 400 in his account, he will only make profit from 250 adpacks regardless of how many adpacks over 250 he holds. If the sum is adjusted right again, he will again have profit from adpacks over 250. This rule starts from Faz 5.


6:21 Countdown / stop time


A. In the portal, users can see the countdown time before being considered unqualified, that is, before missing the time intended for the advertising view all active members must do in order to gain profit sharing according to marketing plan. After the countdown has reached its stop time, the user is considered unqualified if he has not clicked the 10 advertisements required by the system. The system will stop for profit sharing as well as profit sharing from its downline, the invited an active user can have.

The profit sharing starts again after the user has looked again at the 10 required advertisements.


B. The stop time is set to a time frame in the world. In this case, the stop time is set according to the Asian timeframe (Manila, Philippines) and although everyone has the same countdown, the stop time can be at different times depending on where in the world the user is and what time it is in their country.



6:22 Requirements for purchases of product

In order to be able to recive commissions for more than 100 adpacks, the service provider requires the user to buy a certain number of products from the company. The amount and price of the products are stated in the marketing plan




                                                             §7 Payments / Withdrawals


7:1 The value of total resources


The value of the resources collected by the user is based on the applicable marketing plan, 5% of all earned value is added to the view account.


7:2 Profit result


All profit results are shown once daily on incoming profits.  The entire profit from the first day of registration of the user is visible in the commission field.  All bonuses are calculated separately and entered into the same sum account.


7:3 Deposit


The user is aware that different players charge for their payment services and these can vary. Globaldailypro can charge a fee for the bank's and the payee's costs per deposit.


7:4 Withdrawals


The user is aware that different players charge for their withdrawal services and these can vary per withdrawal. The user must always ensure that the correct withdraw address is specified in the program.



7:5 Complaints


Complaints for non-deposit or withdrawals can be made at the support site www.globaldailypro.info.  It must be submitted to the company within 14 days from the non-deposit or withdrawal otherwise the settlement is considered correct.  In case of 2  unauthorized complaints, Globaldailypro has the right to charge a fee for the support work, however, at least $30.


7:6 Payment methods


Money is paid in via the following portals that are available under the add funds tap in the portal.  Depending on the laws of different countries, some may be disabled for some users.


7:7 Community


Withdrawals in Globaldailypro are not dependent on new user's payments or invited persons.  Everyone can create a business and can become a community. Withdrawals are based on results achieved by users and partners in the Community, revenue for advertising, products and other things that are linked to the company.


7:8 Extra costs


If a bank account is not specified or otherwise received by us with incorrect information results in the payment being transferred back, the user shall bear these costs if such arise.  Charges for transfers outside the EU, known as SEPA zones, shall be paid by the user.



7:9 Minimum withdrawal


Withdrawals below the minimum amount of $25 are not payable.  However, the user can choose to generate the withdrawal in a registered code that is made in the user panel and sell it to a third part.  In such withdrawal registration, Globaldailypro charges a fee of $ 2 per generated code up to $10 and $10 fee per generated code over $10. You can only generate code up to $ 1000 at a time.


7:10 Maximum withdrawal


The user, regardless of the choice he made, may at the same time charge a voluntarily desired amount, however only according to the applicable bank and legal rules that the user or the company depends on in the country in which it is located.  



§8 Advertising Program


8:1 Service


Globaldailypro completes the advertiser's service it has purchased, based on the advertisements being placed on websites belonging to the service provider and other external sites that will be displayed and used by all within Globaldailypro.


The service makes it possible to gain financial benefits in the form of profits.  The profit depends entirely on the number of collaborations with their partners and the user's activity.


8:2 The function of ads serving


The ads will be displayed according to the agreements and the user's wishes as it itself orders within the activity field in the Advertising section.  The user is free to use the number of ads he wants to display himself.  The user is free to decide who should check the ads within the framework that it does not constitute discrimination or illegal act.


8:3 One account per household


Each user of the Globaldailypro portal can only register one account per household.

If the program detects activity on more than one account in the same household, these accounts will be permanently and irrevocably deleted.


Even if use via VPN is detected, this results in immediate shutdown




8:4 Account verification and KYC


Each account registered must be verified.  Verification is necessary to obtain the
correct information about each user.
The user must submit a good picture as well as an ID document, briefly on himself and a supporting document that confirms his address. Globaldailypro has the right to demand additional documents or other documents to convince them that the right user is registered on the company's portal.

KYC is a requirement at the auction house, buying advertising packages, withdrawals and if the user wants to make codes in the system.

KYC is not necessary if you want to buy Gold Rush Matrix, buy items at auction, buy Golden points packages or new views.





8:5 Program features


The function of the system within the revenue sharing model is not an investment program and cannot be considered by users as such.  The user base is not for financial gain.


8:6 Profit sharing


In order to participate in the profit sharing, the user himself must have purchased an advertising package (Adv. Pack).  The result of the reward is calculated in the 24 hour period (usually) after displaying 10 ads daily in the portal.  If the user does not view at least 10 ads on a particular day, it does not participate in the distribution of the daily profit.


8:7 Value- Marketing Plan


The value of purchased advertising packages and the right to display the ad are stated in the portal and in the marketing plan.



8:8 Ads listing


As part of the services offered by Globaldailypro, it is possible to upload a regular text ads or a website ad.  In order to upload an ad, a user must fill in the available form that provides the necessary details then submit the ad to the company for review.  All requests regarding ads customization should be sent from the support page www.globaldailypro.info


8:9 Content of the ads


The advertiser (user) bears full responsibility for the content of the advertisement against Globaldailypro and third parties.  Globaldailypro reserves the right to, without any notice, refuse the sharing of advertising, and to remove it in the event of a violation of laws and GlobalDailyPro´s terms.

8:10 Changed conditions

In cases where two different users must appear in the same household for one reason or another, an account of the event must be sent to support for review.

Globaldailypro has the right to request documents proving that these users were in different circumstances before entering into agreements with Globaldailypro.

In cases of doubt, Globaldailypro is always the one to decide the penalty.


Regardless of how the users agree on continued activity with the support, § 8: 3 must be followed according to the agreement made.


Only the user is responsible for the correct requested documents and confirms their claims.




                                                             §9 Responsibility


We shout about rights and therefore all users should take extra care about rights to publish, store and distribute files that belong to us.


9: 1 Service


The user bears full responsibility for the respect of copyright and other rights associated with the publication, storage, distribution and other forms of use of the files held by the user and stored at Globaldailypro.


9:2 Objectives in the case


The User shall, in the case of copyright claims, be aware of any breach of any of these Rules by unlawfully uploading, sharing or publishing material from Globaldailypro and personally assume any liability to the company for any legal costs such as court proceedings, legal representations or costs incurred by the company which is issued by the court or established by arbitration.


9:3 Unauthorized access


In the event of unauthorized access or unauthorized access or attempted access, Globaldailypro has the right to charge a penalty for loss and immediately exclude the user from the Globaldailypro´s platform.




9:4 Sanctions


Violations of the provisions of these regulations may, in Globaldailypro´s judgement, result in a warning, a total blockage of the account, limiting the ability to use specific services, deletion of any files or special fields that violate these regulations including deletion of the account.  It is always Globaldailypro who decides which opinion is right or wrong and the user will always be warned in writing by e-mail before such a measure is decided.



9:5 Exclusion


Globaldailypro carries no responsibility towards the user for lost portal data or funds at an exclusion of the user.  Globaldailypro is also not liable for damages that may arise for the above mentioned arising from force majeure or third party.


9:6 Unauthorized access to the account


All consequences that arise as a result of third parties gaining access to passwords to the user do not give rise to responsibility for Globaldailypro.  This is especially true when the user logs in through different locations.


9:7 Right to immediate deletion


Globaldailypro has the right to remove one or more files shared by a user, as well as the entire account, in order to maintain an adequate level of service standard and portal functionality in violation of the regulations or law.  Deletion does not require prior notification, but the user may require a justification via e-mail.


9: 8 Damage the reputation of the company


A user who is dissatisfied or otherwise feels that he or she has been mistreated by the company or a third party must, as soon as possible, via email send it to the service provider. Spreading false or disturbing rumors among members or other channels leads to immediate shutdown of the user for all time. The user  loses immediately everything he has acquired in the system and  cannot claim any compensation for it.

Important to note is that it is the service provider who decides entirely whether the user has abused their membership and no one else.

In the event of such exclusion of the user, the service provider has the right to claim back everything that the user has received in profit and commission over the time he has been a member. This requirement can be invoked by legal action in court.




§10 Copyright




10:1 Rights to the portal


All rights to the portal and all its parts (including software, function schedules, graphic elements, databases and works presented in the portal) belongs to Globaldailypro.



10:2 Allowed personal use


The user may use the content placed in the portal only in the context of permitted personal use.  Any use of the contents of the portal that is not permitted by personal use is prohibited and constitutes copyright infringement.


10:3 Prohibit


Use of the portal does not mean the purchase of rights to this or its specific details.


10:4 Change or block


Modification or blocking content presented in the portal, without Globaldailypro's consent, may constitute a violation of applicable regulations, as well as the rights of Globaldailypro´s and other persons.  This applies specifically to the use of tools such as Internet browsers or other applications with the ability to change or block content transmitted via the portal, especially content in the advertising packages.


                               §11 The right to report infringement, complaint





11:1 Notification


Users and third parties must notify Globaldailypro, by email, of the information of other users violation of laws related to the content of the portal and any irregularities in connection with its functions.


11:2 Contents of the notification


The notification must contain mandatory information but in particular these should be stated:

1. Notification type.

2. Designation of the person who submits information whose rights have been violated in the form of name and username in the system.  The notifier must also enter the e-mail address and telephone number together with the country code.

3. Detailed description of the violation of the law.  Notifications that do not meet specific requirements for the notification to be processed will not be in the form of a reliable message.  The notification should contain information aimed at protecting the service provider's and the user's and third party's interests.


11:3 Complementary


A message that does not meet the requirements mentioned above may lead to Globaldailypro requesting a supplement to the notifier within an appropriate time period.  A time period that has expired shall be considered as a resolved notification.


11:4 Temporary blocking


In situations that give rise to doubts about the notification, Globaldailypro has the right to temporarily block an account for investigation.  A blocking of a user account does not have to mean that the person holding this account has violated any rules in the law.  This blockade can be for 30 days or at most 60 days.  After 60 days, Globaldailypro must  decide whether the account will remain blocked, deleted or if the notification of crime is canceled.

The notified partner and the notifier shall, within a reasonable time, receive information on the case and that both parties will have a clear explanation of the circumstances.

All information is made in writing to both e-mail, which they stated when enrolling.




11:5 Complaints


The user has the right to complain about the services provided in the regulations. Complaints must always be submitted to Globaldailypro in written form and received only by e-mail.

Globaldailypro reserves the right not to provide further answers to a complaint about which is lacking, especially in the areas the dispute is already resolved.


                               §12 General information about the services




12:1 System function


Globaldailypro ensures the system's function in such a way that each user has the right to stop using the services free of charge.


12:2 Program Security Level


Globaldailypro ensures that the functions of the computerized system are 100% secure for third party infringement.  All intrusion into the system is due to the fact that passwords or other important information have been allowed by users or third parties.


12:3 Antivirus


The user should be aware of the risks that may occur in the absence of antivirus software.  All use of one's data on the user's personal devices must be secured by the user.  Globaldailypro replaces no lost funds due to lack of security surcharges on private units.


12:4 Authenticator


Globaldailypro offers the user to have two-way security for access to the account. In certain parts of the system, the service provider requires that this service be held for security reasons.


12: 5 System updates


The service provider can stop the system for updates and changes to the system at any time.

Such updates can cause bugs in the system in the form of bugs. It is entirely up to the user to make sure that everything is correct before primarily putting funds into the system or making a withdrawal



                                              §13 Amendment of the regulations


13:1 Right to change


Globaldailypro has the right to change regulations without giving a reason.  However, the company shall provide information visibly to the user in such event.  If a user does not approve the amendment of the regulations, he can anytime stop using their account without any compensation.



13:2 Complementing the Regulation


Provisions that are considered to be changed in regulations are always changed to those provisions that have the greatest significance and purpose in the past and that they can also be changed for the better future of the company.


13:3 Disputes


Provisions in the terms and all disputes between Globaldailypro and the user shall always be resolved through internal settlement and not in a court.


13:4 Pause caused by the service provider


Globaldailypro has the right to perform maintenance work that is intended to restore the security or stability of the system.  The user has no right to compensation in connection with such a break, nor does it cease to do the services with the company.


13:5 Changes


The user approves changes, legal changes and transfer of rights from Globaldailypro to another entity.  In particular, the user accepts that Globaldailypro's head office may be transferred to another country, including the creation of a brand new company or a merger of companies.


                                                             § 14 Extra services


Globaldailypro has the right to add any additional service at any time, without consulting members, which means that the user has the opportunity to utilize this for the benefit of his or other members.


14:1 Advertising Lotto


All active users have the right to participate in a lottery presented on the service provider's side. Advertising Lotto is not considered a game when you buy a product in the form of advertising packages for $ 5. These can only be used in the form of Lotto packages for 5 GD.


1.      All active users have the right to purchase an unlimited number of Lotto packages at any time.

2.      All Lotto packages give the user a number that only he has and 20 views of his own advertising.

3.      Lotto packages do not provide daily commission in the system.

4.      The draw is done automatically by the system once a month and the sum of the winnings is determined as a percentage, which means that it can differ in each draw.

5.      The system appoints 5 winners at the same time with 5 different prizes.


If there is no gain in the draw, the user's all lottery numbers are saved for the next draw. The user even now has the right to buy more new lottery packages but can never remove any of these old packages already held.


When winning in the draw, all winning user's lottery numbers are deleted and winnings are credited to the user's account in the system in the form of GD.


All Lotto packages a user buys are personal and may not be shared, sold or exchanged with any other user in the system.


14: 2 GDP auction house


The auction house is a web shop model for all verified users. The purpose is that the user can post and sell private items by auction. Even non-active members have the right to use the auction portal but only after having done an approved verification of themselves.

1. An active member creates their auction ads using their Golden Points from the service provider's portal.


2. An inactive member has the right to create his auction ads after purchasing Golden Points in the system.


3. The service provider offers 3 different Golden Points packages for all member.


4. Offered packages from the service provider split in the form of commission with sponsor to the active user according to the chart in the marketing plan. If the user do not have a sponsor, all commission will go to Globaldailypro.


5. Globaldailypro charges a fee according to the chart in the marketing plan, but only for sold products on the auction side.


6. Everyone who creates auction ads (known as the seller) must have an approved KYC verification in the system.


A chart for all costs for creating an auction ads is presented in the Marketing Plan. The user agrees that the service provider may decide, without notice, to change the fees presented. However, the service provider may not change anything in the auction that is already in progress.


The user is free to create an auction for whatever he likes, but not to make an auction for something that can be considered supportive or immoral for other parties. In the event of such an infringement, the service provider has the right to cancel an ongoing auction without notice. In that case, the user loses the right to the fees he has already payed for this auction.


Food auctions and websales are not allowed on the auction house.


The user gets to know about the violation via e-mail and has the right to appeal the service provider's decision, however only once. The appeal must be sent to the support with the auction number and a description why the user considers that the wrong decision has been made.


14:3 Auction Rules


User who sells:


1.      There may only be one auction per sale item at a time.

2.      The advertiser must own the auctioned item in reality.

3.      Globaldailypro takes no responsibility for the content of published auctions. We disclaim all liability for indirect damages of any kind that may occur due to technical errors on the part of us or any malpractice from us.

4.      Globaldailypro is in no way involved in the business agreement between seller and buyer and can therefore not be held responsible in any way.

5.      Images used in the advertisement must be owned by the advertiser.

6.      All users should be able to receive the payment in one of the most common payment methods.

7.      By using this auction, the user accepts the terms.


User who buys:


1.       You are responsible for reading the entire advertisement before placing a bid on or committing to purchase an item.

2.       You enter into a binding agreement to purchase an item when you agree to purchase an item or if you place the winning bid.

3.       You agree to the terms and conditions applicable to the payment method that the seller may have specified.

4.       You agree to the terms that apply to the item's shipping option when placing a bid.

5.       If a dispute arises between the seller and you as a buyer, Globaldailypro does not resolve disputes as we only provide the space for advertising and nothing else.

6.       By using this auction, the user accepts the terms.


14: 4 Career Plan


Globaldailypro presents for all users a career plan for those who want to follow it and achieve high status as well as receive awards as a result of the work the user does.


The career plan is presented in its own folder at globaldailypro.info together with its prices and challenges. All profit prizes presented there are one time prizes that the user receives after each position reached.


Globaldailypro has the right, according to § 16: 1, to include which partner he wishes to enter in the career plan and which constitutes a better profit for both the user and the service provider. In such a case, the user is bound to also take part in the partner's own career plan if it is required to receive the prize.


Users are not forced to follow the career plan to a level which means that some purchase must be made at the partner's portal to continue to take part in Globaldailyspro's profit program.


Career plans are presented in three different levels:


Leaders club.

Diamond club.

Vip club.




                                                             §15 GDPR

15:1 Ordinance


In accordance with Art. 13 sections 1 and 2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016

on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and on the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter: GDPR) (Journal of Laws EU L119 / 1),

we indicate that:


1) The administrator of your personal data is GLOBALDAILYPRO, hereinafter referred to as the administrator; The administrator processes your personal information,


2) Your personal data is processed to: conclusion and execution of contracts for services offered by the administrator fulfillment of legal obligations incumbent on the administrator as a result of the provisions of separate documents establish, defend and follow up claims; consideration of complaints;


3) Your personal data is stored for a sufficient period and not longer than periods in accordance with the applicable provisions of the applicable law on the administrator in individual areas for processing personal data;


4) You have the right to: request the administrator to access personal information; rectification, deletion or restriction of processing of personal data; opposes processing, data transfer or withdrawal of consent at any time;


5) You have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority;


6) The provision of personal data is a condition for entering into the contract and is voluntary, but failure to provide information to the extent required by the administrator may result in the contract not being fulfilled. In other cases, it is based on the voluntary consent of the person submitting his or her personal data or legal provisions. (in particular the General Regulation on the protection of personal data of 27 April 2016 - GDPR), However, failure to provide data to the extent required by the administrator may result in the inability to perform the contract / service;


7) Recipients of your data may be entities with which we work together to provide services; that we offer and implement based on closed contracts and other entities, e.g. Cooperation agencies which we owe under applicable law;


8) As regards the protection of your personal data and how you process them, you can contact us in writing at the address of the administrator "GlobalDailypro" at address: GlobalDailyPro LLC P.O. Box 7800, Fujairah - UAE or email address: info@globaldailypro.net


Legal basis: Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016. on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (Journal of Laws EU L 119 of 4 May 2016)






15:2 Data Management


Personal information that arrives at Globaldailypro is handled on a separate unit where only one employee has access with their own admin and password.



15:3 Time of data in the company


All personal information that arrives at Globaldailypro is inaccessible to third parties 14 days ahead after registration.

After verification of the user is made, all useless history is deleted except for what is needed to be able to identify it.  These data are encrypted and hidden with a separate virus program.


15:4 Consent


The user voluntarily gives his or her consent that the company handles their personal data and the way their personal data is handled.

The user has the right to withdraw their consent when they wish to do so. However, it may bring the closure of the account because the company is dependent on personal data in order to verify the right user.

Consent is given by the user in the portal under “profile”.


15:5 Withdraw consent


The user withdraws his consent by email to support via globaldailypro.info.


15:6 Request for information


The user has the right to request from Globaldailypro protocol which tasks are handled by the company against this.  Information must be provided in writing.


15:7 Disclosure of information to third parties


Globaldailypro does not issue or comment on users and their tasks.  Users are anonymous in the system where only their user name is published to third parties.



§16 Partners and Agreement with partners


Globaldailypro have a series of partners connected to the platform and is constantly working for more to come.
16:1 Agreements


Globaldailypro has full right to include any partner agreement at any time
and even if it means a change for the user to continue receiving the promised commission from Globaldailypro.


Profit is based on the company turnover regarding to §8:6 or any other revenue generated in Globaldailypro, therefore, has Globaldailypro the right to change user activity at any time in both Marketing as well as career plan to secure a better future for the company.


16:2 Partners


Globaldailypro has the right to decide for itself which partner (s) should be included in the system and also when they should form a partnership.

If a member finds a partner who wants to join the Globaldailys system or just form a cooperation, it is still Globaldailypro that determines all the importance of a partnership.


Globaldailypro as well as all its users must of course follow all partners' rules. In the event of a serious violation, Globaldailypro has the right to terminate the cooperation with immediate effect at any time without having previously stated it to neither the user nor the partner in question.

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